Ep4 Activate!!!

so we started shooting last night. it felt…weird. usually when we start shooting an episode it feels like an explosion of energy, a lot of activity and rushing around. last night it felt like we got going with no problems at all. we just collected the shots we needed until we had everything that was on the schedule.

my friend brad and i discussed this at the beginning of a huge project we did a couple of years ago. a production is like a bus without an engine sitting at the base of a hill. pre-production is the period you’re struggling to push the bus up the hill to the top, where production will start. you can see that you’re getting toward the top of the hill, when you’ll start shooting, but it’s a painfully slow process and every inch you push the bus toward shooting is an uphill struggle. at the top, you give the bus one hard push and production begins. then you’ve got to run like hell to keep up with the bus as it rolls down the hill.

usually, that’s how i feel at the start of a PoPS episode. i feel like i just started running like hell, and it’s exhilarating. but last night, it felt more like i was trying to pull the bus down the hill after me, and it was moving as slowly as when i was pushing it up the hill.

that being said, i think we got great stuff last night. we got everything that was scheduled and without any complications. we’re definitely in production now. we got a few pages onto video and the bus is definitely rolling.

there’s so much stuff left to do, but if everything goes like last night, it’s going to be really smooth sailing.

i think i just need to up my own personal energy. that’s going to be my goal for the next three shoot days. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night.

we got a bunch of well wishes on the PoPS facebook page on our first shoot night. it was really cool.

i’ll catch up with you guys later. probably with three more shoot days in the can.


One Response to “Ep4 Activate!!!”

  1. Absolutely love these blogs! I’m so-o-o glad you’re taking the time to do it right! It shows. PoPS was great to start with, and now it’s better with every episode! Way to go!

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