Ep3 launch day!

man, this is awesome.

i put the first part of ep3 up on youtube a few hours ago and people have just been so nice with their comments. the reaction was immediate and it just keeps on coming. i was just hoping that people wouldn’t be disappointed, but it seems like they’re really enjoying it so far.

we’ll see what happens. about 3 minutes out of a little over 28 are up so far. i just hope they enjoy the rest as much as they’ve seemed to enjoy the first part.

here’s a link to the first part on youtube.

i’ll be back with an update after the whole episode has gone up. this is all so cool.


4 Responses to “Ep3 launch day!”

  1. Just want to say I came across your videos from WheezyWaiter – and I have to say they are totally awesome! I pretty much don’t watch tv anymore since all the shows I do like have been off the air for years or just finished – so having something really entertaining to watch online gives me something to look forward to. Really excited to see what happens with the show 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

  2. Simeon Davis Says:

    Just wonderin this, uh. How far are you with episode 4? Just sayin cause it’s almost impossible for me to wait for things, like i’ll go back and watch all the first three episodes over and over waiting for the fourth
    Just wondering is all
    Love the show ;D

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