PoPS video update 9

One Response to “PoPS video update 9”

  1. Robert Welle Says:

    I have made an EPIC (internet) journey to make it to this point and i gotta say, im glad ive pulled a “Subscribe” chair up to the proverbial film fire thats going on here… From CharlieIsSoCoolLike’s page (which is brilliant i might add) to WheezyWaiter’s channel (Craig is the MAN) and then to his works which include PoPS!!!- I watched the whole series and then stumbled to the main page and now backtracking over ever bit of extra stuff i can grasp; fascinating and entertaining… I chose this particular video to say all this, if only to add;

    LOVE LOST, You NEED to watch SuperNatural (granted this video is dated, you might have already) its definitely my favorite show, i hear only fantasmagical things of DR. WHO, so definitely.
    But last and most, i hit on your comment on Back to the Future II, definitely my favorite movie series or at least top 3… It was the series that made me love films so much and wish i could work on them and although my life went nowhere near that direction, every time i see a movie or a THING that throws awe and inspiration, *cough* ‘PoPS!’ i think, hey its never too late…
    wow i apologize for the length of this on such a dated update – :/
    thanks for doing such awesome works and putting up with my novella on your page…


    (PS nice Mid-aged Biff voice)

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