shows as a second job

life gets in the way. but it’s good. i just wish that things didn’t have to take so long.

i was talking on the phone with my mom today and i told her that i’d probably be done editing ep3 by now if PoPS wasn’t an effects show. as it stands i have 8-ish minutes. the teaser only had one complicated effect but i went crazier than normal trying to make it perfect. i’m not that guy. my credo when it comes to vfx is–does it communicate what’s happening? yes? then good enough! finally i had to call it.

then act 1 of ep 3 has a ton of effects in it. since i like to add them as i go i’ll edit a scene and then put all of the effects in to make sure it’s working. and i’m really liking things so far. and tonight i’m heading home after work and going right into the final effect of the second-to-last scene of act 1. so i’m excited. frame by frame i’m getting closer.

but then it’s not just effects that slow me down, it’s life. take this week for example. i work at my job until 6 every night–

monday night– had the chance to work on PoPS for around 3 and a half hours. then made dinner for my wife while we watched some Gilmore Girls, season 6. love it, we own every season.

tuesday night–no PoPS work. LOST night! we have no tv signal in our apartment, but we have two tv’s and dvd players. we drive to kenosha to watch LOST with our friends who are big LOST fans like us. or me maybe. i sometimes suspect that my wife doesn’t mind LOST but it’s not “a thing” for her like it is for me; and that she puts up with my constant stream of LOST patter out of an affection for me and a dedication to marriage vows. she’s awesome and contributes in theory conversations all the time. and this week was AWESOME!—-SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER… FOR REAL! the island is a cork? loves it!

last night–ikea. had to get a shelving system. and ikea’s not close. and then we had to eat. and then we had to build the shelving system. and then i wanted
to watch Gilmore Girls. i have this thing where if i don’t get to watch at least 1 episode of something daily i become all poorly mannered and am a pain to be around.

but tonight…PoPS! it’s a good thing too. because tomorrow night we’re getting our taxes done, saturday is about assisting ryan on FIS, and sunday my wife and i are acting in a friend’s feature project. then…monday night…PoPS work!

i like talking to you guys about this. sorry stuff takes so long.


jarvi out.


5 Responses to “shows as a second job”

  1. Keep on keeping on! Good thing you’re young or you’d be completely exhausted! So excited to see the Pops teaser!

  2. Brandon Johnson Says:


    hey bro, i just recently found the PoPS, and when i did i devoured it. i watched everything i could. you’ve made an amazing show, and im grateful for all of your hard work. i can’t wait to see the new episode, but i dont mind waiting…seeing as i know you will make it amazing. have a good night, or morning rather. dont work too hard.

  3. Tami Buczkiewicz Says:

    No pressure, but let us know when there is going to be a viewing of episode 3. Sorry we missed 2! Thanks for all of your hard work.

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