into editing…

as soon as we wrapped production on ep3, my actual money-earning job needed some serious attention–hence the blog silence.

so now comes the editing and effects stage. i don’t get nearly as wound up about this stage, since the only scheduling that needs to happen takes place within the insular world of my own personal schedule. with the exception of dealing with certain music concerns, which can sometimes take a long time. that’s why i end up using rights free music and little music loops sometimes…already done, drag and drop. easy.

but i like to add effects into scenes as i go, and i like to edit from beginning to end. all in all, let’s just say things can take awhile. but i’m excited by the stuff i’ve been seeing as the cutting process begins, so that’s nice. all systems go.

on a side note, the second viewing of ep2 at the Lake County Film Festival was another excellent viewing experience. it was, in fact, the first time i ever experienced someone speaking out at one of my screenings because they were involved in the story–

at the point where mugger 2 is approaching donald to punch him toward the end of the episode, donald tries to fire up his hands and he shorts out. right when that happened some guy behind me went, “he’s juiced!” to whoever he was sitting with. it made me laugh that he was into it to the point of call and response. it was actually pretty exciting.

other than our own screenings we also saw a really cool doc called typeface, about the craft and obsolescence of movable wood-carved type in the printing and graphics industry. really cool story. if you hear of a place you can see it, i highly recommend it.

so now it’s just head down and power through. i have the puzzle pieces and now it’s time to make a viewable picture. the only other consideration is that i crew for ryan during “f-ed in space” production and episode 3 shooting of that is also going to take time out of my editing schedule. still…we’re all in this together so away we go.

take it easy, i’ll keep checking in.


2 Responses to “into editing…”

  1. Awesome! Your videos are really entertaining, and I wait with anticipation for the next one.

  2. great article.


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