Epic screening

so, i was petrified last night. flat out, nausea inducing panic. we screened at the lake county film festival in the big room. the first night was free admission, but it being a Thursday, the audience was pretty small.
the size of the audience wasn’t my problem, it was that ep1 had played at a similar screening and it absolutely died. barely a chuckle the whole time. and then the college paper wrote it up as being terrible. so i was like, ‘why am i even doing this? why am i putting ep2 on the chopping block? what if it dies on the table like ep1? why do i keep gaining weight? why don’t i watch what i eat?’ so you can see i was a little misafangled last night.

but then it started and it was awesome. there were some laughs, no one walked out, the energy felt good, and it moved right along. it was the first time in the history of ever that i attended a public screening of something i was involved with and didn’t feel embarassed. i actually felt excited and proud. and the rest of the program was a lot of fun. so much fun that i forgot there would be a q&a after it.
i am no good at q&a’s, i can never think of anything to say, so i just sit there hoping that someone will ask a question to give me something to talk about. and i feel bad standing up there in front of the audience, i feel like they want to get up and go home and me standing there for a q&a is keeping them from being able to politely do so.(split infinitive!)  i think the on-the-spot feeling of it goes both ways, subject and audience. so after a little inconsequential blah, blah, blah from me–it’s a web series, there’s going to be 10 episodes, here’s the web site, lame self deprecating remark, thanks for coming–i was halfway to all but saying DISMISSED, when Pete Weiland, the bookstore bad guy himself, emerged from the audience to save my ass.
i didn’t think anyone else had come, except my parents, they’re awesome and always come out to support team Jarvi. but there was Pete and his dad. Pete came up on stage and took control. he talked about the traveling petting zoo location and totally saved the day.

all in all, it was awesome. thanks to the hard work of the cast and crew, i have finally experienced a public screening that i enjoyed. it was like a dream come true.

which means i’m totally going on Saturday. anyone in the area, we’re playing at the college of lake county in grayslake. you should totally come and hang out. it’ll be in a smaller room, some kind of classroom, instead of an auditorium like last night, but it’s going to be fun. there’s a link to our festival page below.

PoPS ep2 screening info

one more day of shooting left for ep3 production. tomorrow. it’ll be good to have it behind us and get into the editing stage. and then…the effects stage. ARGH!


One Response to “Epic screening”

  1. AWESOME… I wish I coulda been there…

    REALLY badly…

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