so close…so close…

last night we shot in Bridie’s McKenna’s in Highwood, IL. it’s a Irish pub environment with a a lot of drink choices and some REALLY good food. they were so unbelievably nice to us.

when shooting in a live location, i go insane. and not the definition from a couple posts ago. i get so stressed out when i think about the level of inconvenience that we might be causing people. but one of my biggest pet peeves with no-budget filmmaking is that when the characters are in public, there’s friggin’ no one in public–no extras–so an open and operating location solves that problem. it just stresses me out. they let us set up a light, probably blinding a few of their PAYING patrons. we were behind the bar for most of the shoot and the bartender, AJ, did a continual dance with us, she’d edge by saying, “sorry,” and we’d be like, “oh no, we don’t want to be in your way,” and she’d be all, “i don’t want to be in YOUR way,” and we’d be all, “but you’re trying to make money, let us know if we’re being a problem.”
that’s how the whole night went. the manager, Connie, was a complete sweetheart, and for a little while, people treated us like we were a big time production. it was quite a trip.

amazing performances last night, and a brand new sound guy, james, rounded out the evening and last night was the last SCHEDULED night of shooting.

however, we have a couple pickups to do, and a little schedule shuffling for location considerations. so, two more days of shooting. next wednesday we’re back in the city and saturday the 6th we’re back on the rooftops.

here’s a link to the lcff page that will tell you more about the screenings of ep2 at the Lake County Film Festival–

catch you later.


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