PoPS Video Update 2

3 Responses to “PoPS Video Update 2”

  1. What’s with Ryan’s head band? Is it just me or is he looking a little bit like Olivia Newton John circa “Physical”?

    The updates are GREAT!!!

    • the story of ryan’s headband is an epic tale, fraught with symbolism and simile, that spans one whole year. last year, to the month actually, we gathered in logan’s square to shoot the pilot episode of PoPS. it was to be a whirlwind shooting experience packed into one weekend. ryan had longer hair then and as he leaned over the viewfinder of the xl1, his hair kept falling into his eyes, OBSTRUCTING HIS VIEW! it was then that he spoke the words which will live on through time immemorial, passed from the sage lips of the elder storytellers to the eager ears of hungry children following the fall of civilization… ryan looked up at us, frustration knit across his brow, and said, “does someone have, like a hat or something? something to keep my–my hair is getting in my way, does someone have…anything?” carlyn proceeded to produce (seemingly from thin air–the thinnest, known as the air of fate) a yellow handkerchief which ryan used as a bandanna for the rest of the pilot shoot. come end of production ryan approached carlyn and besought her mercy, “can i keep this?”
      “sure,” she replied with a benevolent shrug.
      and though his hair is shorter now, ryan will occasionally wear the bandanna to this day. sometimes for a particularly difficult shoot, as if drawing from it’s pilot power. sometimes to commemorate the road we have traveled so far together on our storytelling journey. sometimes perhaps because he found it laying around, and thought it would be fun. but we are always glad to see it, and hope that it will last through episode 10.

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