ep3 shooting update 2

last night was amazing. we got through five pages of the script and wrapped a little after 1 in the morning. it was nice to see everybody falling so easily back into their characters after months away from it and it felt like we were getting some really cool material. i’ll know more after i import it into the janks drive (my external) tonight, but through the viewfinder of the new camera everything looked bitchin’. ryan (the dp) and i are bracing ourselves for a little bit of a learning curve, but seeing native 16:9, with the colors popping like crazy was a great feeling. also, due to the lightweight nature of the hv 40, i built a shoulder rig for it out of wood and it ended up performing really well; maybe a few tweaks here or there for the rig, but all in all, i couldn’t have asked for a better first day.

we also received a little over sixty unexpected visitors to set last night in the form of a live web feed craig had going on blogtv. it was really cool, although i was a little too busy to get fully engaged in it. but it was awesome and i hope he’ll do it again on other shoot nights.

our next scheduled shoot is for monday night in the city.

take it easy.


3 Responses to “ep3 shooting update 2”

  1. yay, a production blog!! i look forward to reading your reflections on the production and post-production process.
    last night’s live show was really fun (seeing what you were shooting and everything). too bad it coincided with youtube maintenance. there were many people there who would have subbed if they could have. next time!

  2. I’m really looking forward to the next episode! Keep up the good work.

  3. Dude, I’m seriously excited about this…

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